Mistress Ginny’s Sissy


Mistresss Ginas Sissy

He went on the plane as a man, but he walked off as a woman.

Richard was a man with a secret desire.

All his life he had longed to be a woman, but he was too afraid to share his cross dressing fantasies with the world.

Until Mistress Gina sat beside him on a quick 2 hours flight, and convinced him to let her transform him from the failure of a man that he was, to the woman he had always longed to be.

Mistress Gina’s Sissy is a short story of approximately 5,000 words.

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Submitting to His New Dominatrix Wife (Femdom Pain Club Book 4)

Submitting to His New Dominatrix Wife

When Lydia Graham returns home to find the two dominatrices her husband has been cheating with have transformed him into a woman, she is furious and vows to punish him and make him regret every single time he submitted to any other woman but her!

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