Submitting to Her Command

Submitting to Her Command (2)

Submitting to Her Command

When David offers to be Mistress Katherine’s Vassal, in return for a place to stay, she scoffs and says he doesn’t have it in him. But David is desperate and begs for a chance to prove himself worthy.
Worshiping her feet, running her errands and serving as her human table are new experiences that turn him on a lot more than he expects. But when the chastity cage comes out he learns what life as Katherine’s property truly means – Her pleasure and His pain!
Is David strong enough to submit to her every command and if he is able will that be enough to satisfy Mistress K?

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Human Toy: A Femdom Spanking BDSM, Chastity Cage, Cuckold, Voyeuristic Short

Human Toy

Human Toy: A Femdom Spanking BDSM, Chastity Cage, Cuckold, Voyeuristic Short

Eva hadn’t let Jared touch her in months. She said he didn’t satisfy her anymore.
He had long ago suspected her of cheating, but it was still a shock to see one of her
bulls standing in his doorway.

Jared had to climb up on the trellis …… and when he did he saw and heard the
two of them through Eva’s open bedroom window……..

At one point, she noticed him balancing precariously there, at the top of the trellis.
Her dark blue eyes turned to him, and her beautiful full lips twisted into a mocking smirk.

“Toys don’t feel anything, they just watch,” Eva said.

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Human Furniture: A Femdom BDSM Christmas Quickie

Human Furniture

Human Furniture: A Femdom BDSM Christmas Quickie

Secretly, Paul Stephens has always longed to be dominated and used by a beautiful woman, but he’s always been too scared to give it a try. Until one lonely, Christmas Eve, when Mistress Angelique, mysteriously shows up at his front door.

She says she’s been hired by his workmates to punish him for his misbehavior at the office, and that he belongs to her for the next 24-hours!

Will Paul be man enough to submit himself to Mistress Angelique, allowing her to control and use his body for her own pleasure and to punish him when he disobeys?

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Human Pet: A Femdom, Findom, BDSM Short


Human Pet: A Femdom, Findom, BDSM Short

Justin Graves has had a fantasy, for as long as he can remember, of a hot, sexy dominatrix trampling over all his stuff, taking control of his life, and stealing all his money. He has hidden this side of him away, for years, ashamed of his submissive desires.

But then one day, he sees an ad online: Mistress Sadie is offering her domination services for one night in exchange for an enticing offer and a willing male subordinate.

Lonely, useless, depressed Justin bravely sends Mistress Sadie an email, and before he knows it, he has entered into a contract with her, agreeing to do whatever she says, and to allow her to keep any money she is able to wrest from his hands.

Will Justin be able to handle the consequences of his actions and to take the punishment Mistress Sadie gleefully dishes out? Will the fulfillment of his fantasies bring him closer to finding his true self or will it end up being the worst mistake of his life?

Human Pet is a short story of approximately 6,000 words and is intended for mature audiences only!

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