Submitting to His New Dominatrix Wife (Femdom Pain Club Book 4)

Submitting to His New Dominatrix Wife

When Lydia Graham returns home to find the two dominatrices her husband has been cheating with have transformed him into a woman, she is furious and vows to punish him and make him regret every single time he submitted to any other woman but her!

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Training the Sub and Transforming the Sissy: Femdom Pain Club Book 3

Training the Sub and Transforming the Sissy

When Senator Gordon Graham returns home to discover his old Mistress training her newest sub, Greg Krail, in his living room, he is more than a little shocked. The beguiling red-headed goddess, Mistress Lita has also brought along, Emmeline, a blond-haired pixie, who is a dominatrix in training.

While Mistress Lita is busy showing Greg the joy and pain of butt play, pony play, tongue worship and chastity cages. Mistress Emmeline has her own ideas about how to pass the time with Senator Graham. Plans like turning him into a living doll and magically transforming him into a woman!

Come now, and join Greg and Graham on their newest submissive adventure!

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Dominated and Trained by Two (Femdom Pain Club Book 2)

Dominated and Trained by Two

Submissive, Greg Krail, is trussed up and carried away to the countryside, in the trunk of Mistress Lita’s brand new car. Once there he gets to be the subject of Mistress Emmeline’s training which involves crosses, pretty rainbows, and First Aid Kits.

Keywords: Femdom, Findom, BDSM, being hogtied, gagged and thrown into the trunk (or boot) of a car, robbery and blackmail, being tied to a cross and whipped with three different implements, one Dominatrix training a younger Dominatrix, plus, a tiny bit of foot worship.

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Dominated by Mistress Lita (Femdom Pain Club Book 1)

Dominated by Mistress Lita

Dominated by Mistress Lita (Femdom Pain Club Book 1)

Greg Krail wants and needs a woman who will dominate and restrain him in every way. When the Femdom Pain club opens up nearby, Greg saves up all his money for a chance to spend one day in Mistress Lita’s lair.

But after the play has started, Mistress Lita turns the tables on him, and asks for much more money than was previously required. Is one day of fulfilling almost every one of his darkest fantasies worth the price she‘s asking?

Or will he wuss out, use the safe word, and return to his mundane existence without ever learning the answer to the most important question of all:

How could so much pain, teasing, and denial lead to such immeasurable pleasure?

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Submitting to Her Command

Submitting to Her Command (2)

Submitting to Her Command

When David offers to be Mistress Katherine’s Vassal, in return for a place to stay, she scoffs and says he doesn’t have it in him. But David is desperate and begs for a chance to prove himself worthy.
Worshiping her feet, running her errands and serving as her human table are new experiences that turn him on a lot more than he expects. But when the chastity cage comes out he learns what life as Katherine’s property truly means – Her pleasure and His pain!
Is David strong enough to submit to her every command and if he is able will that be enough to satisfy Mistress K?

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Human Toy: A Femdom Spanking BDSM, Chastity Cage, Cuckold, Voyeuristic Short

Human Toy

Human Toy: A Femdom Spanking BDSM, Chastity Cage, Cuckold, Voyeuristic Short

Eva hadn’t let Jared touch her in months. She said he didn’t satisfy her anymore.
He had long ago suspected her of cheating, but it was still a shock to see one of her
bulls standing in his doorway.

Jared had to climb up on the trellis …… and when he did he saw and heard the
two of them through Eva’s open bedroom window……..

At one point, she noticed him balancing precariously there, at the top of the trellis.
Her dark blue eyes turned to him, and her beautiful full lips twisted into a mocking smirk.

“Toys don’t feel anything, they just watch,” Eva said.

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