Serving Dawn Delilah

Serving Dawn Delilah

Tyler Beckham is a very lonely delivery guy, with no real purpose or joy in his life.

Then he meets the breathtakingly beautiful, Mistress Dawn Delilah, and his entire life changes forever.

Mistress Dawn takes him in hand, and over her knee, and through the power of her spanking implements, she transforms him into a new man.

A new man who is able to face a lifetime locked in chastity, and who doesn’t even flinch in the face of financial domination. 

A new man who is eager and willing to submit himself fully to Mistress Dawn Delilah and to serve her all his days.

To read this epic new submissive male spanking story, you may follow the links below:


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(DE)   (FR)  (ES)   (IT)

(NL)   (JP   (BR)   (MX)   (IN)








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