Training the Sub and Transforming the Sissy: Femdom Pain Club Book 3

Training the Sub and Transforming the Sissy

When Senator Gordon Graham returns home to discover his old Mistress training her newest sub, Greg Krail, in his living room, he is more than a little shocked. The beguiling red-headed goddess, Mistress Lita has also brought along, Emmeline, a blond-haired pixie, who is a dominatrix in training.

While Mistress Lita is busy showing Greg the joy and pain of butt play, pony play, tongue worship and chastity cages. Mistress Emmeline has her own ideas about how to pass the time with Senator Graham. Plans like turning him into a living doll and magically transforming him into a woman!

Come now, and join Greg and Graham on their newest submissive adventure!

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